Founder: Jun Okada (Known as “Jun-san”)

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1954.

Jun, influenced by his father and grandfather, learned to love Mother Earth at an early age. His interest in nature conservation began when he was a junior high school student.

After graduating from the Faculty of Science at Jiyu Gakuen, Jun moved to the United States and continued his education in Environmental Studies at the California State University and Utah State University.

Following his graduation from Utah State University, Jun worked at the Sierra Club. He then studied the teaching methods of outdoor education at the Colorado Outward Bound School. In addition, he learned wisdom and primitive skills of the Apache elder, Stalking Wolf (also known as “Grandfather”) at Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School.

Staying in the United States for more than six years, Jun experienced the grandeur of nature passing through the Rocky Mountains, exploring the Colorado River and walking through the Grand Canyon. His experiences were enriched by cross cultural encounters.

After returning home, Jun was involved with environmental education programs for public and private institutions and the training for environmental rangers.

Jun developed the educational curriculum and taught practical training as a senior instructor at a ranger school.

Earthmanship Environmental Education Center was founded in 1996, encompassing Jun’s rich experience and knowledge.

Message from Jun

For those who are exhausted and hurt, may healing restore your strength.

For those who feel lost and emotionally numb, may awareness awaken your spirit.

And for all people, may they have the ability to realize their own visions.

When you surrender to the rhythm of Mother Earth, listen to her voice and touch the heartbeat of all living things.
You know that enlightenment comes from deep within yourselves.

Be humble, calm down and listen very carefully.
Then, you will find the path where you can live in harmony with the earth as an Earthman.
That path is filled with lots of fun and joy.

Through the programs of Earthmanship,
I want to share this way of life with as many people as possible.

May our children walk in the light and live their live every day with hope for the future.

And may all life be connected and the world filled with joy and thanksgiving.

— Jun Okada —

Co-founder: Naoko Okada (Known as “Nao-san”)

The mother of Earthmanship Environmental Education Center

Naoko has always been interested in international exchange and cross-cultural understanding.
In her youth, she was involved with fair-trade business in British Columbia, Canada.
After returning home, she worked in developing English teaching curriculum and international relations.

Naoko is dedicated to the crucial issues of the day to day operations and goals of Earthmanship; be solid, strong and closely rooted to Mother Earth.

Her dream is that one day Earthmanship will become an international organization, sharing the vision with the world.

She hopes that people all over the world will be connected to Mother Nature and realize the significance of their lives.

Moreover, she wants everybody to be aware that every single day is full of miracles, including our lives which are sustained by nature.

Her priorities are praying, waiting and enjoying.
She loves eating, cooking, and also loves people!
In addition, she is the manager and the master chef of Cafe Toterra.

Naoko enjoys life with her husband Jun, a son and a daughter.


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